Our story

Life is full of happy little surprises! For our founder, Montrealer Michèle Jutras, this one day came in the form of pretty shiny and colorful jewelry. It was love at first sight. After years in the beauty & cosmetics industry, it was time for a change and the beginning of the Lux Frenzy story. Having always been attracted to the fashion world, it was an easy transition. With her grand passion for design and the cyberspace, it quickly became a dream come true and LuxFrenzy.com was born!

With a wide selection of high quality fashion jewelry for women of every age and every style, we at Lux Frenzy think that every occasion just as well as any regular day, can be brighten up with a nice piece of jewelry. After all, jewelry is the only item that allows a classic cut tailor dress to turn into a perfect cocktail dress in seconds!

We add dozens of new styles every week and constantly come up with new unique designs. With this many options for all budgets, Lux Frenzy is sure to become your top online destination for fashion jewelry and accessories!

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